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Pick up your Threads and carry on | 2022

Pick up your Threads and Carry on was a show put on by myself, Jane Yates and Yulia Makeyeva in Jersey, C.I in February 2022. 


The show evolved out of a six month collaborative working process and a five day residency. What made this process particularly special for me was that the workload as an artist/parent was sustainable, there was a solid commitment to the project from all of us, and it was the first time I had been able to collaborate with other artists in a meaningful way over a significant amount of time.

The project gave me a chance to play around within my practice again. It was freeing to be able to learn from and share with Jane and Yulia, without the pressure of something needing to come off first try. I learnt to trust both my intuition and my curiosity for materials again. I made photographic and film works that were 100% mine (Burning the Candle at both ends, and To give a line, to take a line), and began to make new, fibre based kinetic works that who I felt I needed to share with Jane and Yulia for a while... The sculptures Night Owls and Nanas Skeins only came out of my fingers and thoughts because of working with these two fantastic women.

Shout out to Yulia for organising this brilliant 3D interactive scan of the show, I'm so grateful to have a record of what we made. Thank you x

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